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About The Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council

The GCDPC is made up of representatives from facility owners and operators, the City of Chicago DIGGER system, excavators, state and local governments and others interested in protection of underground facilities.  The council provides an open forum for these organizations to share ideas in order to minimize damages to underground facilities by taking a proactive approach by partnering with those engaged in excavating in the City of Chicago

Our Mission

The GCDPC is working hard to promote:

  •  Safety and prevent damage to underground facilities.
  •  Construction safety through education.
  •  The need to call before you dig.
  •  The need to coordinate work activities.


Any facility owner/operator, excavation company, state or city government agency or persons interested in the protection of underground facilities in the City of Chicago can become an active member in the GCDPC. Read more

Best Practices:

The GCDPC has developed a Best Practices approach to educate excavators and facility owners who have been involved with both excellent and substandard performance issues.  Read more.

Emergency Contacts:

A comprehensive listing of contact numbers for DIGGER and member companies. When you experience problems with locates or are just not sure when you are excavating, call the member company!