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Welcome to the Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council (GCDPC) Web Site.
Remember to call DIGGER at (312) 744-7000 prior to excavating - it is the law!  For more information on joining the GCDPC, visit the membership tab of this web site.

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To View The Current Version Of The Illinois Damage Prevention Act On the JULIE Web Site, Click Below:
Damage Prevention Act

Chicago-Emergency Contact Numbers
Please treat all ComEd facilities as energized!

If you damage any ComEd facility:
  • Call (800) EDISON-1 (1-800-334-7661)
  • Note: When you call this number, the automated system will answer and ask you to press numbers for certain options.
    Do not press any numbers.
    The system will go through the recordings twice and then ring through to a live person.

For All Locate Issues:
  • To request a locate - Call DIGGER: (312) 744-7000
  • For no shows, failed to mark or non-marked exposed facilities.
    • Call DIGGER first to request an incomplete markings ticket
    • Call the ComEd Locate Dispatcher in your area
      • South of 22nd Street ComEd South Locate Dispatch: (773) 838-4290
      • North of 22nd Street ComEd North Locate Dispatch: (773) 509-3668
Damage Prevention:
  • Email:
  • Call 630-691-4759
  • Call Damage Prevention any time you experience locate problems that are not cared for promptly, when you are not sure about something with regards to ComEd facilities or for all safety related issues to include training.

Remember, Work Safe Dig Safe.
Only you can prevent accidents before they occur!

ComEd Safety Training Request - Dangers From Above and Below

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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